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The 15-Day Journey To Inner Peace

Online Course

Executive, holistic and wellness coaching to be enjoyed

from the comfort of your home or office.

Support and training at your fingertips and your own pace.

Photo credit: Dwinanda Nurhanif Mujito via Unsplash

The Journey to Inner Peace is a series of daily activity prompts that will teach you how to create safety, comfort and purpose from within. 

It's particularly relevant in times of uncertainty, in times of abrupt or forced, unexpected change, not unlike the period we are currently working through as a species, with the ever-mutating COVID virus redefining our "normal" and force changing our daily routines.

Trying times breed anxiety, stress and discord, not allowing you to access your full potential in both your personal and professional lives. 

This program was originally designed and run during the first lockdown period as the COVID-19 global pandemic hit. It has been hailed as cathartic, powerful and soothing. 


The course is in the process of being put online for easier access and to allow you to take the Journey at your own pace.  Register below if you'd like to be kept up to date as soon as it's available.

A Few Testimonials From People Who Took The Journey In The Past

I walked away with skills and exercises I will continue to use, and a better understanding of how to recognize and respond to my emotions.

The short daily activities, combined with Liva's expertise and guidance, made the journey a fun and grounding experience.

I found the experience extremely rewarding! The daily prompts were unique and engaging, and the chance to loop back with Liva every day offered the encouragement, guidance, and accountability I needed.

The variety of prompts helped me acknowledge my emotions in more positive ways and gave me new skills to practice a peaceful mindset as I leave the Journey.

The Journey to Inner Peace was a wonderful respite from all the chaos that the pandemic brought into our lives.

The opportunity to loop back and share my feelings with Liva after every session was the perfect way to wrap up each activity, making me feel heard and validated in whatever surfaced along the way.



Who doesn't like free stuff? 


This is the place where you'll be able to download free journaling, creativity, meditations and activity prompts in general. 

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