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Taking WOMXN and their ALLIES on a SOUL SOOTHING JOURNEY to ACTIVATE and UPLEVEL every area of their lives

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So feel stuck, you feel overwhelmed, you feel you're about to reach breaking point. The words "burn out" seem familiar to you but you don't want to give in, not just yet, not now. Or you seem to "have it all" from the outside but you FEEL in your soul that something key is missing. You want to change things, you are READY for a new chapter, but you don't know where to start, yet you know deep inside that's what you need to do. You want to live ALIVE, or as I call it, #livalive. 

Rest assured, that life is within reach. In fact, it's within. The life you will be proud of, the one with purpose and meaning you are longing for. It takes slowing down and embracing what's within or you will live without. 

This is how I see things: what makes us different is our best asset in life. You are womxn or a male ally, and that's already a wonderful gift. But there's more in each of us. My question to you is: do you know what it is that makes YOU different? What part of you is it that really, deeply and truthfully sets you apart? Whatever the challenge you're facing today, the answer to restore your inner power lies therein.

To that one question, I often get another question in lieu of an answer: "How do I figure it out, how do I get there? And once I figure it out, how do I use my difference to rise up professionally and personally?"

Well, embrace it.

I then get more questions -- which is always a good sign, it means critical thinking and progress. Change is afoot. 

"How do you do that? What's the plan?" 

The plan is to explore together what makes YOU on the surface and deep inside. See what your energy is and what it says about you. Rekindle your brain, heart and gut connection, activate your body's subtle energies. We do that by slowing down and reconnecting to your core. I'm going to help you get acquainted with all of you, because you are whole and have always been. I'll help you get comfortable with it and embrace it. Then we'll figure out what it is you want, what's really important for you. What your purpose is, that soul calling of yours. We'll look at your situation through that lens, we'll observe your challenge through that lens. And we'll plan so you can execute. I'll be there along the way.


Growth isn't linear, if anything, it feels like utter chaos. In reality, it's just a question of tuning yourself to your self. 

Last but not least, many of you have asked -- do I only work with womxn? The answer is no. I do support, champion, empower busy and ambitious womxn who feel ready to live and work with purpose and meaning. I use the term "womxn" because I am inclusive in my approach and I am particularly sensitive to issues affecting womxn of color, LGBTQIA/non-binary and disabled womxn.
And while that is my main focus,
I also coach men who are willing and ready to do the work, as I call them, male allies. It simply means, as a human being, to not be afraid to be whole, to acknowledge, explore and embrace the inherent feminine power in all of us. Heart-Mind connection. 


“Such a cool/innovative approach. In one short session with Liva, I felt inspired and energized. Instead of advising me in the typical "take a personality test," or "have coffee with a bunch of people," approach to figuring out the next steps to my career, Liva took a more personal approach -- understanding my energy and what I needed as an individual, not just a career searcher. Liva keeps it real and honest, and I deeply appreciated her authentic approach."


Don't worry about costs, this one is on me!


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I'm the Quiet Disrupter, I activate and accelerate your life through Pause. I help you expand what is possible.  Intriguing, right?

I've been a leadership and executive coach for 13 years and let's say I'm not your typical business coach, I'd be that but with a twist. I call myself a holistic or integrative executive coach because life and work go hand in hand and you can't separate mind, heart, body and SOUL -- it's one entity comprised of all the parts that need to move and groove gracefully in order for things to work properly.

Today, my work integrates these dimensions together and beyond what I call "classic coaching," I will help you with emotional integration, pushing for the extra extra mile to help you align mind, heart, body and soul so you can start activating every area of you life, with purpose, in synch with your deepest values. You will learn to manifest the life you have always known could be yours.

I use breathwork, creativity, mindfulness, meditation and other such non-conventional tools inherited from ancient wisdoms from around the world to support you in solving the challenge you are facing when you come to me. 

My approach is both holistic and inclusive. It reflects my life path from living around the world and the diversity of my professional background.

I've worked with heads of State, senators, bankers, CEOs, TV anchors, international journalists, global directors, C-suite leaders and startup founders who went on to become multi-millionaires. Believe me, there is nothing I'd rather do than support extra-ordinary, busy people into becoming purpose-driven, extraordinary humans. Bonus points if they self identify as womxn or if they are male allies. It takes a village to make a difference.  Let's make space and bring in wellness and growth into your life!

"I did just 20-minutes with Liva and it was amazing! She was able to break down all the things in my head and help me gain clarity around next steps.”



Why I Can Help You

Simply because I don't just talk out of thin air. I've walked the talk

On a professional level,

I've been a financial journalist, a diplomat and advisor to a head of State and governments; I've launched several businesses of my own (NOT all of them have been successes, I know failure intimately too); I've coached a the highest levels of government institutions and corporations in different countries; I've sat on the board of a major global PR company's European and Asian operations; I've advised 100+ startup founders around the globe; and I've also had odd jobs where I started at the very bottom when I was in my twenties. I've embodied "the hustle" and I have realized it isn't fulfilling and by far not the most productive or meaningful way to live my life. 


On a personal level,

I'll sum it up like this: I'm a survivor who now thrives. 
Yes, I've known abuse and have no shame in saying it, I have worked on that and overcome the toxic cycles that go with these shitty situations. I wear it as a badge of honor now. I've known homelessness as a child too. I'm a survivor of a fatal car crash, a survivor of 9/11 (our offices were in WTC 1), I've survived two strokes, and a cancer at 30 (now I'm 46). Oh and, I'm super curious, always up to explore the world and different cultures, that's also why I've lived and worked in 13 different countries. 


Long story short, I've been through the fire, I've been through chaos and I'm still here. Not just surviving but fearlessly and wholeheartedly THRIVING... in a 16th century property in the French countryside, the Loire Valley. A place that I'll be turning into a haven where retreats will be held for and with you. (More on that later but you can follow La Ferme Dercé's homestead restoration adventures on Instagram as @lafermederce). A life of peacefulness and purpose, working remote with womxn all over the world. My life and work experience have given me a compassion for humans and a connection to womxn who know they can do it but struggle to figure out how because they cut themselves off their core energy in the (normal!) rush of life, kids, career, you name it.
Supporting them is my purpose. My crossing the chaos is my gift to the world. It doesn't all have to be hard, things, life can flow if you are in alignment with your purpose and values. That's what I've been practicing and will teach, share with you. I went through fire and it's not in vain, my mission is to fast track you to your best self. Accelerate through pause.

And, NO, I'm not perfect, I have flaws like all of us, and I strive to become a better human being everyday. That's what matters. I promise no miracles, I promise deep and lasting change for a thriving life on your terms, where you define what success really means to you.



- Toni Morrison

“Had a session with Liva yesterday and in just 20 minutes she'd cracked open a huge block for me. Seriously I slept better last night and am the most focused and energized I've been in weeks! I needed to make sure all you ladies who are sleeping on this to get on it ”


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